Sleeping quarters with extra long twin beds
At the Bug Scuffle Ranch, we believe that a successful hunt goes beyond your experience in the field. From freshly prepared food to unwinding after an exciting day of hunting in front of a large flat screen TV or gathering around the fire pit, we aim to make your stay at the Bug Scuffle as comfortable as possible.

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Bug Scuffle Ranch offers guided archery and rifle hunts. Our professional guides have a wealth of knowledge about the Bug Scuffle history, its wildlife, game management techniques, and much more. During every hunt, we guarantee the opportunity at a fair shot and an incredible hunting experience.  Although we can’t 100% guarantee you’ll get that trophy you’re after, we can ensure that you receive the most honest, enjoyable, and successful hunt possible.

Guided Hunts Include:

  • Transportation to and from the blinds or safari style hunts
  • Animal harvesting/cleaning- we have a facility for game care when an animal is harvested, you’re welcome to clean the animal yourself if so inclined, or we will do the cleaning for you. This includes: gutting, skinning, quartering, caping the animal for taxidermy
  • Transportation of your trophy to a local taxidermist per your request
  • Best efforts in tracking and recovery of wounded animals

It doesn’t have to be hunting season to hone your skills and practice your techniques. The Bug Scuffle Ranch offers an archery range as well as a 200 yard shooting range to practice and sight in your equipment. We furnish all necessary targets, bench/shooting rests and sandbags required, ensuring that you are properly sighted in and ready for your hunt. 
We believe that quality food is an important aspect of your trip, which is exactly why our hunting packages include the addition of meals. At the Bug Scuffle Ranch you can expect to be provided with a warm breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks and all non-alcoholic beverages are also included in your hunting package. Although we don’t provide the alcohol, you may bring it with you or there is a small convenience store ½ mile down the road where you can purchase beer prior to your arrival.